I am Gurman Bhatia, an independent data visualisation designer, trainer, speaker and award-winning journalist.

Do you want to turn data into insight through words and beautiful visualisations with nuance? I can help!

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I have worked for local, national and international news organisations and non-profit organisations for the past seven years. Some things I have done along the journey:

  • Built a dashboard that gives insights on trends about the coronavirus
  • Trained a think tank’s research team in data-driven storytelling and defined data visualisation guidelines for them.
  • Used 8,000+ faces to talk about candidates in the Indian Elections
  • Analysed 25,000+ Bollywood songs to show the decline of women in solo songs
  • Filed several public record requests to report a full-page newspaper story about the regulation of halfway houses in Florida

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From talks to blogs

I love teaching and sharing my passion for data in news with an audience. My work has taken me to conferences in different parts of the world, ranging from Egypt to India. Here are the transcripts from a few.

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Ideas and resources

Resources and ideas around data visualisation and journalism.